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What is the cost of a piano tune?

Piano tuning can be as cheap as $150+GST, with the average being less than $250.00

A piano tune cost depends very much on ,

  • The age and condition of the piano.
  • How long since the last tune?
  • How frequently is it played?
  • Has the piano been exposed to changing weather conditions? Is it near open windows or doorways?

How often should I get my piano Tuned?

Ideally a piano should be tuned twice a year usually at "CHANGE OF SEASONS" , Older pianos with worn parts, sometimes more often. However under normal use a modern piano should require tuning only once a year. (For some manufacturers the Warantee is voided if this is not performed so you should check.) If your piano has more use, a more frequent  tuning cycle is recommended.

If I am not playing my piano, do I need to keep it in tune?

A piano should always be kept as close as possible to being in tune at all times. The more a piano is allowed to go out of tune the harder it is to restore to a condition of tuning stability. A piano that has been allowed to drop about a semi-tone will require approximately 2 to 3 tunes to become stable. The more out of tune a piano becomes, even more times of tuning are required. Older pianos sometimes take years of regular tuning before they eventually become stable.

How much time will it take to tune my piano?

A piano less than 50 years old, in good condition, and regularly maintained should be able to be tuned in 1 to 2 Hours.

Older pianos and those not properly maintained may take longer.

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